Auto Detailing Vaughan Toronto

At Ceramic Pro Vaughan’s auto spa, we offer a wide range of exterior and interior detailing packages to choose from that are separate from our Ceramic Pro Coating packages. These interior and exterior detailing packages brings your vehicle back to life inside and out. Providing your vehicle with the care and attention to detail, we pride in every task here at Ceramic Pro Vaughan. We treat everyone’s vehicle the way that we would want our own vehicles treated, we’re all car guys and girls here. We know that feeling when you have to bring your car into the dealership and you worry about who’s going to be working on it. When people tell us, “it’s my baby” we tell them, “Outside, it’s your baby, in our shop, its our baby.”

auto spa services on interior of vehicle

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the process in which our technicians work on your vehicle’s paint surface to restore it to the brand new condition your vehicle once was. Paint correction has several different levels from 1-step to concourse correction. Click here to learn more about the paint correction performed at our auto spa.

Ceramic Pro Vaughan offers several packages with different warranties.

  • The Gold Package comes with a lifetime warranty. We do the Ceramic Pro 9H treatment once, and then maintenance yearly, and you never have to apply wax again.
  • The Silver Package comes with a five year coating and warranty.
  • The Bronze Package comes with a two year coating and warranty.

Clay Bar & Wax

Over time dirt particles and iron filings will become imbedded in the paints clear coat and can not be removed by washing. Clay bar is a piece of clay designed to be hard enough to remove these contaminants, yet soft enough not to scratch the car. Once these particles are removed we then apply a carnauba wax or ceramic coating to protect the smooth finish.

Interior Detailing 

Interior detailing is how the Ceramic Pro Vaughan auto spa was founded. We provide professional interior detailing in Vaughan and have an attention to detail that keeps your car looking like new, whether you’re doing a full interior/exterior detailing package, complete with interior professional car cleaning, or just doing a maintenance clean once a month.  Either way, Ceramic Pro Vaughan is best place to have your vehicle detailed in Vaughan and the GTA. Learn More

Engine Cleaning

Keeping your engine bay clean is an important part of your vehicles health. Remove grease and dirt build up off your engines moving parts will help to reduce premature wear, reducing maintenance costs.

Hand Wash

Washing vehicles by hand ensures the proper attention is taken in cleaning a car every time. By hand washing with a soft wash mitt and using a two bucket method we can guarantee that your vehicle is getting a soft, thorough wash removing all the dirt build up from the road and not being scratched in the process.


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