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For auto detailing GTA, Ceramic
Pro Vaughan are experts at

Paint correction and polishing.

Polishing permanently removes swirls and scratches, instead hiding them with a glaze wax, that has a lot of fillers and you just wipe it on. It fills the scratches, but it’s temporary. It looks good for a few weeks until you wash the car a couple of times, and then those fillers will deteriorate and then all your swirls come back.

What polishing does is shaves a very fine layer of your clear coat off because all those scratches are in your clear coat. Depending on how deep scratches and swirls are, certain ones might not be able to come out with polishing. You may have to sand and then polish, but for auto detailing GTA, especially car paint correction, polishing will get your paint perfectly flat so that Ceramic Pro Vaughan can add a ceramic coat and give your car the best shine its ever had.

It can be hard to tell if there are swirls or scratches on your car. When you look at your car in the sun, it looks like there are spider webs all over it. These scratches and swirls can occur from normal wiping, going through the car wash, or using a snowbrush in the winter time. It leaves very fine scratches in the clear coat. Paint correction and polishing means correcting the paint and bringing it back to that like-glass swirl-free finish.

Environmental factors can also cause you to require Paint correction. You could get water spotting from acid rain, hard water spots, salt in the winter time, sap, or bird droppings. Even minerals from the northern Toronto area with well water will start to agitate the clear coat. Just by washing the car or clay barring it won’t remove those spots, which is why polishing and paint correction are necessary.

There are many
steps to polishing.

  • First, clean the car with dish soap, which removes all the wax and treatments. This leaves bare paint, which is perfect for polishing.
  • Just like sanding wood, you then progress from a more aggressive pad and compound to a finer pad and finer grain polish.
  • When you first start polishing, you use an aggressive compound and an aggressive pad which will remove the majority of swirls and scratches, even the deeper ones.
  • Check for a “haze,” or buffer trails, which are fine scratches that can be left by fine-grain polishing.

Polishing vs Waxing

Polishing is permanently removing swirls and scratches, not hiding them which is why a glaze wax is used. It looks good for a few weeks until you wash the car a couple of times, then those fillers will deteriorate and all of your swirls come back.

Back in the day with carnaubas and waxes, the higher the percentage of carnauba, the better it was. In coatings, the higher the SiO2 content, which is the silicon dioxide, which is the ceramic inside of the coating, the higher the percentage, the better the coating is. Other brands seem to be around 30%, where Ceramic Pro 9H is at 70%

We start with using clay bars to remove all the debris and contamination, and then move on to the desired level of paint correction to get the best possible base before installing Ceramic Pro.