Process of Installing Ceramic Pro

Basically, the entire car will have to be wiped down with a solvent or an alcohol to make sure that there’s no wax, greases or oil on the paint. It just has to be bare clean paint, and then we apply the coating on top. Depending on the package you go with, it could be up to five coats, or you could go even higher than that, but the average package is about five coats of the ceramic coating.

To start we clay bar the whole car while we’re soaping it and then we rinse everything off, dry it properly with the blow dryers and then we’ll put it onto a lift. Lift up the vehicle and remove the rims to clean them inside and out with a decontamination spray to remove the brake dust build up. We’ll clean the inside of the rim, the back of the rim, the face. We also do the same thing to the calipers, and we’ll use a brush to clean them, rinse them off, blow dry them out before applying the Ceramic Pro coating.

Ceramic Pro Vaughan offers a wide variety of car paint protection and the best auto detailing in Toronto, including a wide variety of Ceramic Pro products including:

·      Ceramic Pro 9H coating, a hydrophobic ceramic coating

·      Ceramic Pro Light coating, a lighter nano coating often used as a top coat

·      Ceramic Pro Rain coating, a ceramic coating for glass and mirrors

·      Ceramic Pro Strong coating, the highest durability nano coating, often used in industrial settings


Ceramic Pro Vaughan combines these products to get the best quality car paint protection in a variety of packages, including

·      Gold Package

·      Silver Package

·      Bronze Package

·      Sport Package

·      Interior Package

·      Wheel and Caliper Protection


For the best car paint protection, Ceramic Pro Vaughan often combines the Ceramic Pro coating with a Paint Protection Film, giving your vehicle the best car paint protection possible. Ceramic Pro Vaughan has the highest standards for car detailing in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area



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