Ceramic Pro 9H

The flagship coating, or the flagship product of Ceramic Pro is the 9H. That is the chemical resistant coating that we use on all the painted surfaces. It can also be applied to plastics and similar surfaces. The way that you judge quality of a coating versus other brands is — Just like back in the day with carnaubas and waxes, the higher the percentage of carnauba, the better it was. In coatings, the higher the SiO2 content, which is the silicon dioxide, which is the ceramic inside of a coating, the higher the percentage, the better the coating is. 9H is 70% SiO2, silicon dioxide, which makes it very durable. The higher the SiO2, the more durability you’ll get and that’s the 9H coating.

Ceramic Pro Top Coat

The Ceramic Pro Light we use as a top coat. The light coating offers a higher contact angle. It contains 30% SiO2, which is still fairly strong for a top coat, and that offers a 114 degree contact angle which means you’re more slick than the 9H, but it’s not as durable as the 9H is. The Light coating is our premier top surface coating.

Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper

Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper is designed to take a much higher heat than 9H and Light, so that we use on wheels, calipers, exhaust tips, things that will generate a lot more heat than just the sun from sitting out in the sun. The Wheel and Caliper coating is one of the most durable coatings on the market.

Ceramic Pro Glass

Ceramic Pro Rain is essentially a much stronger version of Rain-X than you’d find at your local automotive store. Typically Rain-X will last a month, maybe two, where the Rain product will last up to a year on the windshield. And the reason it’s not as permanent on the windshield is because of the wipers. The only way to remove coatings is by abrasion, so the wipers will eventually wear off the coating, but on all the other glass surfaces, you’ll probably never have to do it again. And the nice thing about the Rain coating as well, it makes it very slick, so when you’re driving in the rain, it just beads right off, but also in the winter time, one thing we noticed here was when we have freezing rain and your whole car is a block of ice, you have to go out and scrape your windshield and side windows, normally you’d be sitting there for a few minutes scraping and chipping away at it. This we found that once you start scraping, the whole window would literally slide off in one shot, as one solid piece of ice versus chipping away at pieces that are stuck to the glass.

Ceramic Pro Leather

Ceramic Pro Leather is the leather coating for all the interior pieces which will help prevent dye transfer — It won’t completely stop denim transfer, but it makes it much, much easier to clean. For example, we bought a set of white leather chairs and we practically live in jeans, so within a week they were blue. We cleaned them, cleaned all that denim transfer off and did two coats of Ceramic Pro Leather on them. It’s been over a year and you’ll start to see denim transfer, however it takes much longer to see it, but literally a cloth, a damp rag, and literally it just wipes off. This product is phenomenal for household uses as well as automotive.

Ceramic Pro Textile

Ceramic Pro textile, which is the coating for all the carpet and cloth surfaces. For the rag top convertible on cars, we’ll spray that with Ceramic Pro Textile. You could do the carpets, Cloth seats, Alcantera seats, Suede seats, Ceramic Pro Textile can be applied to those surfaces.

Ceramic Pro Sport

Ceramic Pro Sport, which is a spray coating. We have replaced wax with it in our shop, we find it lasts much longer than wax. You get about, in our climate in Toronto, six months to a year out of it; say eight months to be safe, which is more than you receive from just waxing your vehicle. I find it beads a lot nicer than wax, it’s easier to clean and it’s easier to install as well and the finished results are nicer than that of just wax.

Ceramic Pro Strong

Ceramic Pro Strong, which is a industrial coating. We use that on industrial applications like stainless steel or bare aluminums for trucks. They like their gas tanks and other aluminum polished and they like to keep them looking like mirrors. The problem with aluminum is that it oxidizes and turns white. Over time if you use strong cleaners to clean it, it will turn it white like a milky color. The Ceramic Pro Strong is a much stronger version than 9H. It’s very hard to work with, however. We apply the coating on the top surface and it’s like adding a clear coat to that surface which is much easier to clean, UV resistant, and chemical resistant.