Auto Detailing 

Auto detailing at Ceramic Pro Vaughan features a wide range of services, from Paint Protection Film installation to Ceramic Pro coatings, including Ceramic Pro 9H, as well as the best interior detailing in Toronto. We pride ourselves on using high quality products and being a clean and knowledgeable shop that goes above and beyond to take care of your vehicles in the GTA and Vaughan.

We also use a high quality decontamination spray to ensure that we get all the iron filings off of your car’s paint, wheels, and calipers. This makes sure that we can do the highest quality Polishing and Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film installation, Ceramic Pro coatings, or just a simple car wash to keep your vehicle looking perfect around the Greater Toronto Area and Vaughan.


Ceramic Pro Coatings

The easiest way to explain Ceramic Pro 9H and other Ceramic Pro products is it’s basically a permanent wax. You don’t have to worry about waxing your car ever again if you do the coating. Ceramic Pro makes the clear coat on your luxury or exotic car much harder, which means that every time it is washed, your car looks very glossy and never has to be waxed.

Ceramic Pro Vaughan offers several packages with different warranties.

  • The Gold Package comes with a lifetime warranty. We do the Ceramic Pro 9H treatment once, and then maintenance yearly, and you never have to apply wax again.
  • The Silver Package comes with a five year coating and warranty.
  • The Bronze Package comes with a two year coating and warranty.

Interior Detailing 

Interior detailing is how Ceramic Pro Vaughan was founded. We provide professional interior detailing in Vaughan and have an attention to detail that keeps your car looking like new, whether you’re doing a full interior/exterior detailing package, complete with interior professional car cleaning, or just doing a maintenance clean once a month.  Either way, Ceramic Pro Vaughan is best place to have your vehicle detailed in Vaughan and the GTA.

Paint Protection Film Installations

Paint Protection Film installations keep your car from getting unsightly stone chips and scratches. Combined with Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl coating, a clear bra will reduce the need for your car to have paint correction in Vaughan and the GTA. We offer many different packages for your vehicle’s Paint Protection Film, from partial front end PPF kits to full front end PPF wraps and complete vehicle PPF kits to offer the utmost protection.

Wheel and Caliper 

Ceramic Pro Vaughan makes sure to clean your wheels and calipers thoroughly with decontamination spray. We also offer a service to coat your wheels and calipers with Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper, a stronger more durable Ceramic Pro coating than Ceramic Pro 9H, which means it endures a higher heat and can be used on your wheels as well as exhaust tips and the like. This saves you time when washing the brake dust off of your wheels.


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