Ceramic Pro

Sport Package:

Ceramic Pro Ontario – Ceramic Pro Sport is a product designed to replace the need for waxing your vehicle for six to eight months. Ceramic Pro Vaughan offers this entry level Ceramic Pro package to give you a taste of what ceramic coatings can do for your vehicle. Ceramic Pro Sport is a sprayable coating that has 9% SiO2 “ceramic coating” is applied to the vehicle when wet after just being washed and bonds to the surfaces providing a layer of protection that is more durable and longer lasting than that of waxes and sealants. Unlike wax Ceramic Pro Sport is also a chemical resistant coating providing that extra protection for your vehicle to stand up for acidic properties and chemicals such as salt on the roads during the winter months.

Ceramic Pro Sport
Package Includes:

  • A Meticulous hand wash to remove all dirt and grime from the vehicle.
  • Full clay bar and decontamination to remove all built up dirt and rail dust or environmental fallout from the vehicles painted surfaces.
  • 2 Layer of Ceramic Pro Sport to all painted surfaces of the vehicle.
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Rain to all glass surfaces (windshield, windows, mirrors, etc.)
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper to the face of the wheels.

Additionally at Ceramic Pro Vaughan we offer a service to remove the wheels from your vehicle and have the inside of the wheels cleaned and coated as well as the brake calipers to offer the most protection from brake dust building up and caking on to your wheels and to make cleaning them a breeze once they’re coated.

Deciding on what to protect your investment with can be difficult. We strive to provide you all the information you need about our Ceramic Pro coatings so that you can choose the best protection package that suits your needs! We’re not comfortable selling you something that’s unnecessary. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or need clarification on the Ceramic Pro lineup.

~Jeff Teixeira, Owner & Founder of Ceramic Pro Vaughan~