Window Tinting In The Vaughan and GTA Areas

Everything To Know About Window Tinting:

Tinting the windows of your vehicle is a great way to improve the look of your vehicle aesthetically while still offering many practical and functional benefits. While tinting your windows does alter the exterior look of your vehicle it also alters the interior look as well providing a darker field of vision while looking out of the side windows of the vehicle. But don’t be worried, newer technology window tint films are making it much easier to see out of the vehicle at night, while keeping that dark look on the outside. No more rolling your window down to back up, that was ridiculous.

What does the “%” of tint mean?

The percentage of tint is the amount of light transferring into the vehicle. Therefore “20% Tint” blocks 80% of the light from coming in or “35% Tint” blocks 65% of the light from coming in.

There are many key features to tinting your vehicles windows which include;

  • Reduces up to 80% of heat from entering the vehicle.
    • The comfort of sitting in the shade of a vehicle with tinted windows on those hot sunny days.
    • No more fighting to spin the sun visor when the sun is in your face.
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV light transferred in to your vehicle.
    • It protects the interior surfaces of your vehicle from fading (ie: Dashboard, plastic trim, cloth seats.
    • Prevents dry cracking of leather and plastic surfaces caused by sun exposure.
  • Offering more privacy to you and the interior of your vehicle.
    • Detouring thieves from trying to see valuables inside your car.
    • Feel more comfortable in traffic.
  • Safety of shatter proofing
    • In the event of a side impact collision. The glass shatters and explodes into the vehicle, throwing glass shards everywhere.
    • Window tint film will act as a sticky layer of plastic holding the glass shards together, reducing the risk of injury.

Ceramic Tint VS Dyed Tint

There are a few types of window tint that you can choose from when making the decision to tint your vehicles windows. Not all window tint films are created equally however, they differ in quality, effectiveness, material type and costs. Two of the most popular types of window tint are;

Ceramic Window Tint Film

Ceramic window tint is the highest quality and most expensive of window tint which offers more protection from the suns harsh rays cutting the heat that enters through your car windows by 80% keeping the interior of your vehicle cooler while still proving the aesthetically pleasing look to having your windows tinted. It also offers visually dark looking tint from the outside while maintains the highest visibility of looking out of your windows day and night. Ceramic tint also offers the highest resistance to Ultraviolet light from entering the vehicle through the windows by 99%. Ultraviolet light is the kind of light rays that contribute to sunburns and skin cancer.

Dyed Window Tint Films

Dyed window tint films are the most common and cost efficient films on the market. As the name states, dyed window tint film contains a dyed layer of film that acts as a barrier between the light and harsh rays of the sun and your interior. Dyed window tint film however is used mainly for appearance purposes as they do not offer particularly high resistance to UV light or heat resistance.

Is Window Tinting Right For You?

When choosing the right tint for your lifestyle there are many things to consider. First is the decision on the darkness of the tint that is best suited for you. The most common shade of tint is generally 20% which is usually the standard for factory tinted glass offered from most car manufacturers. This shade of tint offers privacy while still remaining visible looking out from inside your vehicle. Be sure to look into the legal limit of darkness as it varies from Provence to Provence across Canada. You also have to take in to consideration if you want to keep a more uniform look, the shade or percentage of tint should remain the same throughout the vehicle.

Tail Light Tinting

Tint Your Lights & Transform Your Car

Tinting head lights, tail lights and fog lights is a great way to change the look of your vehicle, making it stand out and be different then everyone else’s on the road. There are many different shades and colours of tint to choose from, creating your own personalized look. Another advantage is it will protect headlights from the damaging UV rays of the sun that will turn them cloudy and yellow also protecting them from stones causing pitting from daily driving.




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