Exterior Hand Wash, Clay Bar,
Decontamination and Hand Wax

In this package your vehicle will receive a full exterior hand wash as well as a full exterior clay bar and decontamination spray to ensure that everything that has built up over the years on your vehicles exterior surfaces will be removed leaving behind a smooth surface. First your vehicle is washed thoroughly to remove the dirt that has built up. The vehicle is then given an extensive clay bar to remove the particles and contaminants that have stuck themselves to the surface of your vehicles paint After this your vehicle is then dried and the decontamination spray is applied to the vehicle entirely. The decontamination spray is completely safe to spray on to all surfaces of your vehicle. What the decontamination spray does it penetrate in to the pores of the paint to remove all corrosive chemicals and ferrous (Iron particles) that have embedded themselves to your vehicles paint and begun to corrode the under layers of the paint that you are not able to visibly see. In doing these two steps, clay bar and decontamination spray we ensure that your vehicles paint is completely clean of all corrosive and ferrous particles.

Included In The Package

  • Full inside and out rim cleaning
  • Prewash Foam
  • Hand wash with soft mitt
  • Decontamination spray to loosen iron filings
  • Clay bar treatment to remove iron filings
  • Warm blow dry to remove water from cracks
  • Hand dry
  • Wipe all door jams
  • Application of carnauba wax, polymer sealant or Ceramic Pro Sport
  • In and out glass cleaning

1.5-2 hours to complete