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Engine Bay Cleaning – To shampoo an engine and engine bay first you cover all components of the engine that should not be exposed directly to high pressures of water such as the fuse box or alternator. In most newer vehicles these components are already sealed and hidden away from sight. We then begin the process of giving your engine and engine bay a proper cleaning. We spray degreaser on to all the plastic pieces such as the engine covers as well as spraying all the walls of the engine bay that are painted and any other surfaces that have visibly built up grime and dirt. We then proceed to power wash the engine bay paying close attention to the distance we keep between the power washer nozzle and the engine bay itself as we do not want to be shooting the engine with such high pressured water. Keeping the power washer a safe distance away ensures that no water will find its way in to the engine itself while still accomplishing the task of leaving your engine bay as clean as the day you got your car. After the engine and engine bay have been properly cleaned we then air dry the entire engine bay using an 8 horsepower blower that ensures that all the water has been dried in all the crevasses of the engine and engine bay to provide the best engine bay cleaning around.


  • Cover all electrical components
  • Degrease
  • Steam clean / Hot pressure wash
  • Warm blow dry