At Ceramic Pro Vaughan, we put our customers (and their vehicles) first.

Our owner, Jeff Teixeira, took a good idea and made it great. Mixing a variety of luxury and exotic detailing, specializing in Ceramic Pro coatings, with a business degree; he has created an incredible detail shop paying close attention to every detail.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of interior and exterior detailing services (Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings, Paint Correction and Polishing etc.), and on servicing some of the finest vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area, especially in our hometown of Vaughan. Above all, we understand that our customers respond to our dedication to making the perfect shop: clean, organized, and absolutely the highest quality of services and products. That’s why we check all of our work, from Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro coatings to simple exterior and interior detailing packages in natural light. How else would we know if we got all of the swirls and scratches out?


We are located in Vaughan, an easy drive outside of Toronto, and easily accessible off of either Highway 407 or 400. We are an award-winning shop from some of the best auto shows, and a certified Ceramic Pro dealer. Check out our recent work at on our Facebook page. Call us anytime for a consultation at 647-424-3422. Email us at [email protected], Visit us at our website, or stop in the shop and see for yourself.

Detail Shop History

I started my own detailing business but, after college a buddy of mine was doing detailing at a dealership and wanted to start his own business, so I told him, “I’ll teach you the business side of it if you teach me the detailing side,” so we partnered up. After about a year he decided to leave to pursue a “normal” job, I kept going with it and now here we are eight years later. I have my own shop and am doing great.

One thing, my dad always told me, keep everything clean and organized so from the get-go, I always wanted that image of a very sterile, clean environment.