In Toronto car detailing, Ceramic Pro Vaughan distinguishes itself by treating your wheels and calipers as well as they do the rest of your car

Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper, which is designed to take a much higher heat than 9H and Light, we use it on wheels, calipers, exhaust tips and things that nature that will generate a lot more heat than just sitting out in the sun. We also offer the Wheel Coating which includes the face for the wheels. In my shop, we’ll charge a little bit extra to remove the wheels, clean the inside of the wheels, coat the inside and the calipers to make it much, much easier to clean the brake dust off.

First, they use a decontamination agent, also known as a fallout remover. This is a special chemical that is pH neutral, so it’s safe on all surfaces. This spray turns iron filings purple, allowing them to be easily removed from your car’s body without damaging any of the surface finishes or paints.

After that, Ceramic Pro Vaughan uses Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper, which is a high-heat bearing coating used in Toronto car detailing to seal the wheels and calipers against further brake dust. This not only keeps your luxury or exotic vehicle looking excellent in the Greater Toronto area and Vaughan, but also extends the life of your wheels and calipers. Ceramic Pro Vaughan takes pride in being a Toronto car detailing expert and one of the finest professional car detailers in Vaughan.