Protect Against Everyday Damage With Car Detailing That Lasts

Protect from weather, scratches, and everyday damage with car detailing and protective coatings at Ceramic Pro Vaughan. We make it our mission to preserve your vehicle’s brand-new look, that’s why we drive precision into everything we do. We’ll handle your interior and exterior auto detailing, paint correction, window tint, ceramic coating, and paint protection film (PPF) to deliver stunning results, every time.

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At Ceramic Pro Vaughan, we take care of our clients and their vehicles. We offer a money-back guarantee, free annual maintenance, and free PPF replacement.


What our customers are saying

We’ve helped thousands of customers transform their vehicles with car detailing, ceramic coating, PPF, and window tinting at Ceramic Pro Vaughan – see what they have to say:
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Verified Customer

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I bought a brand new Tesla Model Y and wanted to get it wrapped in satin grey. The shop did an amazing job with the littler details to make the car look sexy and unique. They were also able to complete the job fairly quickly and the pricing was very reasonable. I had some issues with the cameras 6 months later and the shop was nice enough to cover any expense I incurred that may have been caused by the vehicle wrap. I love this place and highly recommend it.


Alex Richards

Verified Customer

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Great experience, Ive had all 7 of my cars done here in the last 10 yrs from window tinting , Ceramic coating and Ppf. There is nobody else touching my cars. These guys go beyond their job and the most important is the after service..


S Kwok

Verified Customer

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Shoutout to Anthony and Jeff for a job well done. Anthony took the time to measure out everything. Attention to detail. Never felt rushed. Jeff was also very pleasant to deal with. Ceramic Pro Vaughan and team, thank you for installing these graphics for our upcoming event. Great job guys!


Paul Doan (TrailerMD)

Verified Customer

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The people at Ceramic Pro Vaughan were excellent. My vehicle looks awesome. I did both the plastic and ceramic on my vehicle. Cannot even see the edges of plastic. Very friendly and professional. Could not ask for anything better.


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Thinking of Driving Without a Protective Coating?

Daily driving combined with the unrelenting weather of Ontario gradually wears down the condition of your vehicle. From scratches to dull, lifeless paint, you’ll notice your vehicle isn’t shining the way it used to. Protective coatings, such as PPF and Ceramic Pro are the secret to a gleaming exterior and pristine interior while shielding your car from environmental and external forces.


Our Car Detailing Services

Everything your vehicle needs to look as if you’ve just rolled off the dealership lot. Our car detailing services are custom to your vehicle with the intention of reducing cleaning time and maintaining resale value.

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Ceramic Coating

Ultimate Professional-Grade Protection

Protect against harmful UVs that dull your car paint and environmental factors, such as bug splatters, salt (hello snowy Ontario), or bird droppings with a ceramic coating. Here’s the best part – your vehicle will require less maintenance, stay cleaner for longer, and sport a glossy finish that will leave you in awe. We also offer interior ceramic coating services to add an extra layer of protection.


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Paint Correction

Restore Car Paint To Its Original Shine

Notice imperfections or visibly dull auto paint? Revive and restore the top layer of your paint’s finish with a paint correction. Our process starts with a thorough wash and decontamination of the exterior followed by a surface inspection. We move on to the stages of claying, buffing, and polishing to bring back your paint’s finish to near perfection.


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Window Tinting

Block Harmful UV Rays, Heat, and Glare

Window tinting goes beyond adding a sleek look to your vehicle; it offers crucial protection against premature aging and skin cancer by blocking 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Reduce glare, increase privacy, and prevent fading and cracking from sun damage with our superior Kavaca Ceramic CS and IR window film. Trust our window tinting specialists for a flawless installation.


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Interior Detailing

Deep Cleaning To Rejuvenate Every Surface

Spend less time cleaning your vehicle and more time enjoying it with interior car detailing. From vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets and upholstery to cleaning and conditioning leather seats, every inch is given the royal treatment. We clean and sanitize vents, dashboards, trim, door panels, and other hard-to-reach surfaces, leaving your vehicle spotless.


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Full Car Detailing

Brighter, Deeper Shine Inside and Out

Bring your vehicle back to life with full interior and exterior detailing. Our car detailers at Ceramic Pro Vaughan ensure your wheels are washed, your interior sanitized, your paint decontaminated, and all surfaces are protected. These packages not only leave your vehicle looking immaculate but also prepare it perfectly for paint correction, window tinting, ceramic coating, or PPF installation if desired.


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Clear Bra (PPF)

Superior, Longer-Lasting Protection

Worried about scratches or rock chips? Paint Protection Film (PPF), often referred to as Clear Bra, is like an invisible shield for your vehicle’s exterior. Think of it as a thin, self-healing layer applied to high-impact areas, such as the front bumper, fender, and hood, to physically protect your car paint during daily drives. Maintain a showroom finish year after year with PPF.


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Durable KAVACA Paint Protection Film

KAVACA Paint Protection Film has a clear purpose: to shield your car paint from scratches, chips, scuffs, corrosion, chemicals, and swirl marks. The name “Kavaca,” comes from the Sanskrit word for “armor,” and perfectly encapsulates the protective qualities of this remarkable PPF, ensuring that your vehicle remains resilient on the road year after year. This flexible adhesive layer can be applied to brand-new or used cars.

circle icon High-performance aliphatic polyurethane

circle icon Self-healing properties without heat

circle icon Nanoceramic top coat for a slick, glossy finish

circle icon Superior stain resistance from contaminants

circle icon PPF installation gel to prevent fingerprints

circle icon Reduce glue marks and orange peel

circle icon Limited lifetime warranty

kavaca regenerating paint protection film
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ceramic pro protection

why choose ceramic pro?

3x More Protection With Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is a clear nano ceramic coating with superior barrier protection. Once cured, Ceramic Pro has a hardness level exceeding 9H. To put that into perspective, normal clear coats measure between 2H and 4H. Ceramic coating doesn’t just sit on the surface; it bonds with your vehicle’s paint at a molecular level for years of protection. Apply a ceramic coating following a paint correction for a flawless finish.

circle icon Measured hardness above 9H

circle icon Hydrophobic qualities to repel dirt and water

circle icon Chemical protection to prevent etching on car paint

circle icon Tested by SGS (independent testing body)

circle icon Prevention of oxidation and corrosion

circle icon Enhances colour depth and gloss

Our process

How we work


Call us or fill out our form with the make, year & model of your vehicle.


Our technicians will create a custom plan based on your requirements.


We take a closer look at your vehicle to determine the condition.

Efficient Car Detailing Service

Detailing, correction, or installation? Let’s get to work!

Detailing, correction, or installation? Let’s get to work!


Not Happy? We Have a 100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re incredibly proud of our installs at Ceramic Pro Vaughan, but we understand things happen. We’re here to ensure your happiness with your vehicle, no matter what. That’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee in the unlikely event that you’re not completely satisfied with the results. No questions asked, we’ll refund your money, down to the last cent.


Protecting Cars in Vaughan Since 2008

We’re all very different. We lead different lives, eat different food, and love different things. But we all have something in common: our love for our cars. To us, our cars are not just machines; they’re extensions of our identity. 

At Ceramic Pro Vaughan, we want to protect that (and your car). With this in mind, Jeff Teixeira set out in 2008 after graduating college with a degree in business management to start Ceramic Pro Vaughan. His passion for making cars look as beautiful as possible resulted in growing an award-winning car detailing company specializing in Ceramic Pro Paint Protection installs.

Today, we service clients all over the GTA, making their vehicles look better than when they came in. See the difference our car detailers can make.

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why you should work with us

Better Looking, Better Lasting Vehicle

Certified & Experienced


Reduce damage to your vehicle with trained and certified technicians. We have over 15 years of hands-on experience working on cars of all makes and models.

Guaranteed Warranty


Unexpected issues can happen, that’s why we offer a Shop Guarantee and a Kavaca Lifetime Guarantee Warranty you can opt-in with our car detailing and installation services.

Proven Technology


Ceramic Pro Vaughan offers full protection, gloss, and shine to vehicles using data-backed nanoceramic coating technology. Prevent UV damage, oxidation, corrosion, and contaminants.

Unmatched Attention


With our car detailing and surface protection services, it’s all in the details and we let the results speak for themselves. Trust us to treat your vehicle with the highest level of care and respect.


Step into the future of driving comfort: Contact Us today for a free estimate!

Highlighted projects/ Portfolio


From everyday vehicles to luxury performance cars, check out our portfolio for the incredible transformations we’ve delivered. See for yourself the level of innovation and craftsmanship we bring to every car detailing project in Vaughan.

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There are hundreds of car detailing companies offering the same services. So what makes us different? Experience and process. In this industry, experience is everything and we have over 15 years of results to prove it.

At Ceramic Pro Vaughan, we live by the motto “Be precise in everything you do”. This principle guides our work: from the way we approach new projects to the multi-step process of our car detailing services. We stand behind our:

circle icon Professional and certified technicians

circle icon Guaranteed installation techniques

circle icon Quality of the formulas we use

circle icon Stunning, lasting results

Don’t trust your vehicle to just anyone. Get permanent protection and a glossy shine year-round with professional auto detailing at Ceramic Pro Vaughan.


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