Protect Your Paint with 3x Harder Ceramic Coating

Forget about waxes and paint sealers, protect your vehicle with the best ceramic coating products by Ceramic Pro. The glass shield formed by Ceramic Pro, powered by cutting-edge nanoceramic technology, gives your vehicle’s surface exquisite protection, gloss, and shine. At Ceramic Pro Vaughan, we have 15 years of experience in applying ceramic coatings to every surface imaginable.

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Our no BS guarantee covers lifting, bubbles, peeling, discoloration or fading…FOR LIFE.

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What is ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is a clear, liquid nano-coating made of silica dioxide (SiO2) and titanium dioxide (TiO2) that acts as a semi-permanent protective glass shield on top of a vehicle’s clear coat. Highly hydrophobic, the nanoceramic formula is designed to form a covalent bond to painted surfaces to repel dirt, debris, and contaminants effectively. Following a ceramic car coating, the paint surface will feel incredibly slick, similar to a freshly waxed vehicle, but with a glossy finish that lasts for years instead of months.

Beyond an exterior ceramic coating for cars, Ceramic Pro products can be applied to glass, wheels, calipers, fabrics, leather, and plastics, shielding them from dirt, stains, spills, brake dust, and minor scuffs. Even vehicles with a paint protection film or car wrap can benefit from an additional layer of ceramic coating for the ultimate paint protection.

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Importance of ceramic coating

What does ceramic coating do?

Driving your car exposes the paint to various contaminants that can gradually damage or fade its once-showroom finish. This is where applying a ceramic coating can help protect and restore your vehicle’s paint for enhanced gloss. Acting as a hard shell for paint surfaces, ceramic coatings repel and block environmental contaminants that may damage your car’s exterior. Ceramic coatings can protect from:

circle icon Minor Scratches

circle icon Grime, salt, and dirt

circle icon Chemical erosion

circle icon Water Stains

circle icon Bird droppings

circle icon UV radiation

circle icon Oxidation

circle icon Etching

Keep in mind that ceramic coatings offer superior durability and paint protection, however, they do not protect against deep scratches and dents.


Our Ceramic Coating Services

We are certified installers for Ceramic Pro in Vaughan. These ceramic coatings are industrial-strength and different from consumer-grade products. Choose from our ceramic coating services for unmatched protection and shine.

exterior ceramic coating

Exterior Ceramic Coating

Exterior ceramic coating offers a level of protection that goes beyond preserving the clear coat…

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Exterior ceramic coating offers a level of protection that goes beyond preserving the clear coat; it effectively becomes the new clear coat of your vehicle’s exterior surface. This newly protected surface is exceptionally hard and has self-cleaning properties, surpassing the performance of the factory-installed clear coat.

Interior Ceramic Coating 2

Interior Ceramic Coating

Our interior ceramic coating services deliver the same level of protection for your vehicle’s interior…
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Our interior ceramic coating services deliver the same level of protection for your vehicle’s interior as our exterior ceramic coating does for the clear coat. We apply a ceramic coat to plastic, leather, rubber, and vinyl surfaces creating a permanent or semi-permanent bond to protect against dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

Glass Ceramic Coating 2

Glass Ceramic Coating

Maintain optimal visibility with a ceramic coating for your windows that eliminates hard water spots..

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Maintain optimal visibility with a ceramic coating for your windows that eliminates hard water spots and glare while protecting against harmful UV rays. With just one coating, we ensure a hydrophobic surface that repels water, as rain and snow won’t stick, instead, they will bead up and roll off effortlessly. Enhance your driving experience regardless of the weather conditions.

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Maximum Protection with Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings offer unparalleled protection for your vehicle’s paint that outlasts the OEM clear coat. To put this into perspective, OEM clear coats have a hardness level that measures between 2H and 4H. Applying a ceramic coat will increase the hardness level to 9H, with diamond being rated at 10H on the Mohs hardness scale.

Two layers typically are enough. However, as Ceramic Pro 9H and ION coatings are layered, the protective qualities increase with each additional layer. Once the ceramic coat cures, it becomes a semi-permanent part of your vehicle’s exterior that lasts for years.


Irresistibly Smooth and Slick Ceramic Coating

Your vehicle’s clear coat undergoes a daily battle against environmental damage that can dull your paint. Experience an incredible level of glossiness with Ceramic Pro protective coatings available at our Vaughan detail shop. The microscopic nanoceramic technology in our ceramic coating works to enhance not just the surface gloss, but also the depth, texture, and overall detail of your car paint finish.

As a certified Ceramic Pro elite dealer, we are experts in installing quality ceramic coatings for a mirror-like, high-gloss finish every time.

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Our ceramic coating Process

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Introducing Ceramic Pro ION and ION Top Coat

Ceramic Pro ION and ION Top Coat are the next generation of ceramic coating, building upon the success of Ceramic Pro 9H. Using ION Exchange Technology in a two-component ceramic coating system, Ceramic Pro ION combines multiple layers into a single protected surface that’s twice the strength, durability, and longevity of other ceramic coatings. As an Elite Dealer of Ceramic Pro Ion and Ion Top Coat, our professional detailers will install your ceramic coating in less time while providing superior protection to your vehicle.

check icon Abrasive resistance against light scratches

check icon Thicker layer for a better hydrophobic surface

check icon Protection against extreme heat

check icon Improved chemical resistance to prevent etching

check icon Twice the strength of other nanoceramic coatings

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Check Out Our Ceramic Coating Products

Strengthen your vehicle with an additional clear coat using Ceramic Pro products. Known as the flagship product, Ceramic Pro 9H is a nanoceramic coating that delivers superior durability and protection for your vehicle’s paint and clear coat. The “9H” signifies its hardness, making it three times stronger than the factory clear coat. But don’t overlook your glass surfaces – Ceramic Pro Glass Coating enhances the clarity and durability of your vehicle’s glass surfaces, including windshields and windows. Keep your glass surfaces cleaner for longer and make them easier to maintain.

When you choose Ceramic Pro products, you’re choosing nanoceramic technology that is harder and more durable than traditional options.

What we offer


At Ceramic Pro Vaughan, we combine the best Ceramic Pro products with a Paint Protection Film (PPF) for superior car paint protection. Our detail shop has the highest standards for car detailing in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area.

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Why choose us

Why Choose Ceramic Pro Vaughan For Ceramic Coating

With over 15 years of expertise in ceramic coating, interior detailing, paint correction, window tinting, auto detailing, and PPF, our professional car detailing company in Vaughan is committed to delivering unrivaled service and results. Trusting Ceramic Pro Vaughan with your vehicle means putting your concerns in capable hands. We stand behind our:

circle icon Trained, skilled ceramic coating specialists

circle icon Certified and Genuine Ceramic Pro products

circle icon Industry-standard tools and equipment

circle icon Safest ceramic coat applications by hand

circle icon Quality job, unrivaled results in the GTA

We want to perfect your vehicle and protect it for years to come. See why we’re the detail shop residents in the GTA choose for their car detailing and protective coating needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Ceramic Coating FAQ

Curious about ceramic coating at Ceramic Pro Vaughan? Here are some of the frequently asked questions about ceramic coating for cars:

How long does ceramic coating last?

Generally, ceramic coatings last between two and five years. Some high-quality ceramic coatings can last up to 10 years, depending on the installation and maintenance. Regular car maintenance, such as gentle washing and a yearly reapplication of a topcoat, can extend the life of the ceramic coating.

Does ceramic coating scratch easily?

A ceramic car coating is more scratch-resistant than a vehicle without a protective coating. While ceramic coatings provide a protective layer for your vehicle’s paint, they are not completely resistant to all types of scratches. They can withstand minor scratches better than untreated paint, but deep or sharp objects can still potentially cause damage.

Should you ceramic coat before winter?

Yes, we recommend ceramic coating your car before winter. Considering the harsh weather conditions and road treatments like salt and gravel in the GTA, it’s important to prepare and protect your car during the winter months. With winter conditions often leading to poor driving visibility and increased risks of scratches, the ceramic coating becomes even more valuable.

How long does it take for ceramic coating to cure?

It normally takes approximately 24-72 hours for a ceramic coating to cure enough to drive outside. However, the complete curing and bonding process for Ceramic Pro products continues over the course of about two to three weeks. It’s worth noting that the exact curing time can be influenced by various factors such as weather conditions, temperature, and humidity levels.

Can I wash my car after a ceramic coating?

We understand your excitement to keep your car looking pristine after a ceramic coating. But we recommend waiting about 10 to 14 days before giving your vehicle its first post-coating wash. This waiting period lets the solvents adhere and allows the coating to fully cure, ensuring maximum protection. 

However, if you happen to encounter any unwelcome surprises like water spots, bird droppings, tree sap, or other contaminants during those two weeks, don’t worry. Just follow our care instructions to remove them, but remember, the coating might still be a bit soft, so be extra gentle when cleaning your car’s paint.

Is ceramic coating worth it on a new car?

 Absolutely! Ceramic coating your vehicle after purchasing it minimizes the need for extensive paint correction or preparation work, saving you both time and money. Here are some new car ceramic coating benefits:

  • Protect from UV rays, swirl marks, light scratches, oxidation, and environmental contaminants
  • Preserve and protect the original paint
  • Maintain the car’s showroom shine
  • Easier to clean a protective coating

Visit our detail shop and experience the difference a protective coating can make for your brand-new car.


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