Reduce Imperfections With a Paint Correction

Your search for a solution to surface defects, scratches, swirl marks, etching, and discoloration on your vehicle ends here. Remove cosmetic imperfections and surface contaminants with a paint correction at Ceramic Pro Vaughan. Don’t wait for the damage to get worse. Contact us and let our team of experts bring back your vehicle’s original shine.

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At Ceramic Pro Vaughan, we take care of our clients and their vehicles. We offer a money-back guarantee, free annual maintenance, and free PPF replacement.

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What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of leveling a vehicle’s clear coat to remove surface defects and restore the original paintwork to factory perfection. Different stages of machine polishing, polishing pads, or a cutting compound are used to gradually remove thin layers of the clear coat until the surface is free from cosmetic imperfections.

A paint correction is typically done as a pre-treatment step before the application of protective coatings such as a ceramic coating or protective paint film (PPF). Some defects that paint correction removes are:

check icon Surface scratches

check icon Hazing

check icon Water spots/etching

check icon Holograms

check icon Swirls marks

check icon Marring

check icon Colour fading

check icon Oxidation

Notice these signs? Let us remove imperfections in your automotive paint the right way at Ceramic Pro Vaughan.

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The Importance of Proper Paint Correction

Paint correction is the difference between a good-looking vehicle and an immaculate work of automotive art. But it takes years for professional detailers to master this craft because every paint correction job is different! That’s why proper paint correction is essential because the process of polishing while aiming to restore the car paint, involves removing thin layers of the clear coat.

If this process is not done correctly, the clear coat can become too thin, making it difficult for protective coatings to adhere properly. At Ceramic Pro Vaughan, our professional detailers have a deep understanding of various paints and vehicles. This attention to detail ensures that every imperfection is addressed, and the paint’s depth, gloss, and clarity are fully restored without damage to your vehicle.

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Our Paint Correction Services

95% of modern cars have multiple layers of paint – a primer coat, a base coat, and a top clear coat. It’s that clear coat that needs the most care. Our paint correction services gently restore your car paint to look vibrant, glossy, and smooth again.

Stage 1 - Paint Correction 2

Stage 1 Paint Correction

The first stage of our paint correction service is ideal for vehicles already in good condition with minimal surface…

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The first stage of our paint correction service is ideal for vehicles already in good condition with minimal surface defects, such as light scratches or swirl marks. We level the clear coat with a gentle polishing compound and a soft polishing pad and finish the process with a paint sealant. This stage removes up to 70% of surface imperfections.

Stage 2 - Paint Correction 2

Stage 2 Paint Correction

Car paint with moderate to severe swirl marks, scratches, dullness, or other surface defects…

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Car paint with moderate to severe swirl marks, scratches, dullness, or other surface defects within the clear coat will benefit from the second stage of our paint correction service. We use a 2-step polish and pad approach with a cutting compound, followed by a finer compound to remove any remaining scratches and finish with a paint sealant.

Stage 3 - Paint Correction 2

Stage 3 Paint Correction

The third stage of our paint correction service is the ultimate solution for automotive paint…

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The third stage of our paint correction service is the ultimate solution for automotive paint with severe swirl marks, scratches, and other challenging surface defects. This stage combines a 3-step process involving an abrasive cutting compound, machine polisher, and finishing polish and pad to effectively remove stubborn paint defects.

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Our Paint Correction Process

Paint correction process


Choose Your Ceramic Coating Plan

Enhance paint protection with a superior ceramic coating. Ceramic Pro outperforms competitor products in terms of protection against UV rays, environmental contaminants, mineral deposits, oxidation, light scratches, and swirl marks.

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Paint Correction With Polishing Outperforms Waxing

Polishing, as opposed to temporary solutions like glaze wax, offers a permanent solution for swirls and scratches on your car paint. While glaze wax may seem convenient by concealing imperfections with fillers, it’s a temporary fix at best. Paint correction with polishing involves the physical removal of these imperfections from the paint’s surface as a more permanent solution.

Followed by modern protective coatings like Ceramic Pro 9H that prioritize silicon dioxide (SiO2), it’s a combination that delivers the best of both worlds—lasting correction and advanced protection.


Reveal a Smooth, Near Perfect Surface

Elements in the environment, such as acid rain, hard water spots, winter road salt, tree sap, and bird droppings, can damage your vehicle’s clear coat, requiring a paint correction. Even minerals found in well water from areas like northern Toronto can gradually deteriorate the clear coat over time. Routine washing or clay barring may not be enough to remove these stubborn spots.

This is precisely why polishing and car paint correction are designed to go beyond the surface to restore your vehicle’s paint. Give your car the best shine it’s ever had with our paint correction services!

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Multi-Step Paint Correction That Lasts

Certified & Experienced

Permanently Remove Defects

Address and permanently remove surface imperfections like swirls, scratches, and oxidation at their core with our 1, 2, and 3-step paint correction services.

Guaranteed Warranty


Unlike quick fixes that only provide temporary improvements, a professional paint correction can bring your car paint back to its mirror-like showroom finish.

Proven Technology


Command a higher price in the resale market by restoring your car paint to its original condition. Paint correction eliminates imperfections that make vehicles look older and worn out.

Unmatched Attention


Paint correction and ceramic coating go hand-in-hand. Smooth out paint surfaces and remove contaminants in a correction for protective coatings to bond properly.

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We’re the Correct Choice For Your Paint Correction Needs

As a professional car detailing company in Vaughan, we have over 15 years of experience in paint correction, window tinting, ceramic coating, auto detailing, and PPF. Trusting us with your most prized possession means our professional detailers are dedicated to handling your concerns from start to finish, making the process stress-free. We stand behind our:

circle icon Tried and true multi-step car paint correction process

circle icon Team of trained paint correction specialists

circle icon High-quality tools and equipment

circle icon Completion of projects on time

circle icon 100% satisfaction guaranteed

We firmly stand behind the quality of our work at Ceramic Pro Vaughan. Let us restore your vehicle to its best, so it continues to shine long after your service.

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Frequently asked questions


Curious about paint correction at Ceramic Pro Vaughan? Here are some frequently asked questions about our car paint correction services:

How long does car paint correction last?

There is no definitive answer, but generally a paint correction may last one to five years. How long a paint correction lasts depends on the method used, the quality of the correction process, the frequency of protective sealant, and the environmental and driving conditions your vehicle is exposed to. Additionally, how you maintain the car will affect the paint correction. For example, if you use a touch car wash, it will not last long.

Should you do paint correction on a brand-new car?

Yes, if you notice light scratches or cosmetic imperfections on the car paint. Despite the excitement of receiving a brand-new car, it’s not uncommon for it to have paint flaws when it’s delivered. This can be caused during delivery resulting in small scratches and swirl marks. A stage 1 paint correction will restore your brand-new car to its intended shine.

Does paint correction remove all scratches?

Yes, paint correction can remove all scratches from the clear coat. However, deep scratches that reach the primer and base paint layers may require professional car paint repair as they are more challenging to address.

Should I ceramic coat after paint correction?

Yes. Applying a ceramic coating after a car paint correction helps preserve the work done. Additionally, paint correction and ceramic coating are important for three reasons:

  • Remove cosmetic imperfections and ensure they are not sealed under the protective coating
  • Ensure the protective coating has a clean and level surface to properly bond to
  • Serves as a stronger and more durable option than your vehicle’s factory clear coat

If you’re looking for paint correction and ceramic coating services in the GTA, our detail shop Ceramic Pro Vaughan has a team of trained specialists ready to prep and protect your vehicle.

What type of paint defects can paint correction address?

 A paint correction can address many types of paint defects. Here are a few:

  • Swirl marks or spider web swirls
  • Marring or micro marring
  • Buffer trails and holograms
  • Topical contaminants (dust, road tar, pollen, and brake dust) 
  • RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches)
  • Acidic bird droppings
  • Water spots
  • Automotive paint swelling
  • Tree sap
  • Paint transfer marks or paint scuffs
  • Paint oxidization and fading
Is paint correction worth it?

Absolutely! Paint correction is an easy way to eliminate minor imperfections like scratches, swirl marks, bird droppings, and water spots, leaving your automotive paint with a flawless, mirror-like finish that appears brand new. The results are more noticeable in direct sunlight. 

However, it’s not all about aesthetics; protective coatings such as Ceramic Pro 9H are typically applied after a paint correction. Reinforcing the strength of the clear coat helps prevent potential chipping, peeling, and environmental damage.

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