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>Whether it’s to enhance privacy, reduce glare, protect against harmful UV rays, or simply add a stylish aesthetic touch to your vehicle, our window tint specialists are here to provide quality installations.

kavaca carbon cs window film

Elevate your vehicle’s style, comfort, and protection with KAVACA Carbon CS Window Film-made with non-metallic nano-carbon particles. Featuring IR-blocking materials, this film has the ability to block up to 70% of infrared heat and 99% of UV rays. Beyond its performance, KAVACA Carbon CS delivers a non-reflective, color stable finish, ensuring the film does not fade over time.

kavaca ceramic ir window film

KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film features nano-ceramiic technology combined with an infrared (IR) layer for superior performance and protection. The thermal conductivity of nanoceramic particles makes the installation of KAVACA Ceramic IR perfect for summer and winter. Expect exceptional protection from UV Rays, infrared radiation (IR) heat, glare following your window tinting service

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THE MOST Advanced window film on the planet

With vehicle surface protection, such as KAVACA Window Film, nano-ceramic technology provides unmatched heat rejection, durability, and protection for your vehicle’s surface. See why Ceramic Pro is the chosen window tinting product for car enthusiasts and professionals alike and how they set themselves apart from competitors using nano-ceramic particles.

uva uvb protection window film


KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film is formulated to prevent skin damage that can lead to skin cancer. Rated at SPF500. KAVACA IR blocks 99% of harmful UV radiation protecting you, Your passengers and the interior of your vehicle.

zero signal interference


Radio, GPS, & Bluetooth signals will have zero interference due to the use of nano-ceramic technology. This means the heat rejection and UV filtering is done with microscopic ceramic particles rather than metals.

lifetime warranty


KAVACA Ceramic IR is guaranteed NOT to FADE, nor turn purple. No bubbling, no peeling and no cracking for the LIFETIME of the Film. You get the benefits of great looks, outstanding heat rejection and UV filtering for the long haul.

kavaca cs compared to kavaca ir
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Window Tinting to Hold Shattered Glass Together

Installing quality window tint helps hold shattered glass together in cases of accidents or break-ins. This is achieved through the strong adhesive properties of the window film. While the glass may still shatter upon impact, such as in an auto accident or an attempted break-in, the film acts as a protective layer that keeps the broken glass fragments bound together. Reduce the risk of injuries from sharp glass shards and prevent further damage or intrusion.


window tint percentages

Window tinting shades are based on VLT (visible light transmission), representing the percentage of light that can pass through your windows. As the VLT percentage increases, the tint becomes lighter, allowing more natural light to enter. Choose from 5% to 70% window tint at Ceramic Pro Vaughan. In Canada, front windows can only be tinted up to 30%.

Frequently asked questions

Window Tinting FAQ

At Ceramic Pro Vaughan, we get a lot of questions about window tinting. Here are some frequently asked questions about our car window tint services:

How long does window tint last?

Window tinting can last about 4 to 10 years. However, the lifespan of window tint can depend on the quality of the installation, the amount of exposure to heat and sunlight, and the products used for cleaning and maintenance. Standard window tint may show signs of wear and deterioration faster than high-quality materials, such as polyester, metal, or ceramic tint.

Can I roll my windows down after window tinting?

In most cases, window tints typically take 7 to 30 days to fully cure. Rolling down your windows immediately after window tinting, especially if the tint is still in the curing process, can have adverse effects on the tint’s appearance and adherence. When you roll down the windows, the friction between the glass and the tint can cause the film to lift or wrinkle, resulting in an uneven appearance.

Depending on the material used, it’s essential to follow the recommendations provided by your window tint installer.

Are the bubbles in window tinting normal?

Yes, seeing bubbles after a window tinting service is normal. These minor imperfections are a normal part of the window tint drying process and should not be a cause for concern. Bubbles can form as moisture becomes trapped between the window and the film, but they typically evaporate within a few days as the tint cures and adheres properly.

How do I know if my window tint is ceramic?

To determine if your window tint is ceramic, there are a few distinctive characteristics to look for:

  • Ceramic tint is clearer and has a higher clarity
  • Charcoal reflection from the outside
  • Material will feel thicker compared to other types

Experienced installers can easily identify ceramic tint by measuring its Infrared (IR) performance using a window tint meter. If you’re still unsure, our window tint specialists at Ceramic Pro Vaughan can provide a reliable assessment of your window tint.

Why is my window tint peeling?

There are many reasons why your window tint may be peeling. Window tint peeling can be the result of:

  • Poor window tint installation
  • Low-quality window films
  • Window tint is old and needs replacement
  • Prolonged heat and sunlight exposure in the vehicle
  • Glue on the window tint is not strong enough
  • Physical damage, such as scratching or scraping
  • Window may not have been cleaned before the installation

If you notice your window tint peeling or need a replacement, contact our detail shop. Our car tint specialists are ready to prep your windows for the perfect installation, every time.

How long does a window tint service take?

Installing window tint can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. However, the installation time will depend on the vehicle type, number of installers, number of windows being tinted, and whether the old tint needs to be removed. It’s worth noting that a clean vehicle both inside and out is recommended before your appointment with a professional installer, as it ensures a dust-free environment for the precise and clean application of the window tint film.

At Ceramic Pro Vaughan, we apply window tint on essentially any vehicle. Contact us for your next window tinting service!



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Why Choose Ceramic Pro Vaughan For Window Tinting?

Ceramic coatings offer unparalleled protection for your vehicle’s paint that outlasts the OEM clear coat. To put this into perspective, OEM clear coats have a hardness level that measures between 2H and 4H. Applying a ceramic coat will increase the hardness level to 9H, with diamond being rated at 10H on the Mohs hardness scale.

Two layers typically are enough. However, as Ceramic Pro 9H and ION coatings are layered, the protective qualities increase with each additional layer. Once the ceramic coat cures, it becomes a semi-permanent part of your vehicle’s exterior that lasts for years.

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The best part? We do more than window tinting. Our dedicated team at Ceramic Pro Vaughan is the expert in interior detailing, full auto detailing, paint correction, ceramic coating, and PPF. See why residents in the GTA choose us for our car detailing and protective coating services.

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We don’t think about vehicle break-ins until they happen to us or someone we know. Most break-ins are opportunistic. Criminals often notice something valuable, even if it’s just loose change, a bag, or a smartphone, inside a parked vehicle. By applying window tint with varying percentages, you can obscure the view from the outside, preventing prying eyes from easily seeing the interior of your car. Even a little security will likely cause thieves to move on to the next easy target.

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